Expert Calls for Curriculum Innovation in Universities, Colleges

One of the academic experts in Malawi has called on universities and colleges to embrace curriculum innovations as a way of adapting to the changes in the world.

Speaking during an academic workshop conducted at the Catholic University of Malawi on Friday last week, Dr. Paxton Zozie from Mzuzu University urged institutions of higher learning to be innovative in their curricula to align with the changes being experienced on a global scale.

Zozie explained that digital revolutions, pandemics, and climate change are some of the changes that the world has experienced lately, hence calling for innovation.

“There are quite a lot of changes taking place in the environment, and the curriculum must be changed to make sure that it is aligned to the changes that are taking place; otherwise, it will be irreverent,” said Dr. Zozie.

He further urged institutions of higher learning to look for collaborations and conduct needs assessments for quality, innovative curricula that meet the demands of the people in the country and beyond.

Zozie, who is also Deputy Director of the Centre for Open and Distance Learning at Mzuzu University, urged the government to formulate policies that work best for curriculum innovations in Malawi.

In his remarks, Acting Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University of Malawi, Rev. Fr. Dr. Wilfred Sumani, urged the academic staff of the university to be innovative with their curriculum formulation.

“We have to start now; we will be making mistakes at the beginning, and we will be perfecting them until we make it,” said Fr. Sumani.

He then urged academic staff to embrace teamwork for successful innovations in the curriculum.

The one-day training on curriculum has witnessed the academic staff from the Catholic University of Malawi walk through the process of curriculum innovation, among others.

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