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Providence Industrial Mission

The figure of Reverend John Chilembwe, founder of Providence Industrial Mission (PIM), stands tall in the history of Malawi’s struggle for independence. PIM headquarters is situated a mere 10km away from the main campus of the Catholic University. Founded in the early 1900s, PIM was the birthplace of revolutionary ideas that instilled in Africans a sense of self-worth and the determination to free themselves from the clutches of colonial oppression. Malawi honours John Chilembwe every 15th January.

Mulanje Mountain

Mulanje mountain, also known as the “Island in the sky,” is a ‘massif’ of syenite and granite covering a massive 650 sq km. It is a renowned tourist attraction whose reputation is a poetic synthesis of local mythology and enviable geographical grandeur. This natural wander is situated about 49km away from the main campus of the Catholic University, toward Mulanje town.

Khulubvi Shrine

Traditional African Religions (ATR) embodies what Rudolf Otto calls the Mysterium tremendum et fascinans – a mystery at once captivating and terrifying. Mbona, whose spiritual presence is revered at Khulubvi Shrine, was a spirit medium of the Mang’anja people. He wielded tremendous spiritual power, so much so that he could cause an entire forest to sprout on a barren sandy piece of land. As a rain maker, the efficacy of his intercessory prayer was unparalleled in the rain-making traditions of pre-colonial Malawi’s communities. Khulubvi is about two hours from the main campus of the Catholic University.