About Us

The Catholic University of Malawi is an accredited institution of higher learning established by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi on October 16, 2004. The University started admitting students in 2006 and was officially opened on 28th October, 2006 by the late President Bingu wa Mutharika. It has seven faculties, namely Commerce, Education, Law, Nursing and Midwifery, Science, Social Sciences and Theology. Since its establishment, the University has grown its student body from 129 in 2006 to 4000-plus in 2020. The Catholic University has held nineteen congregations, with over 2000 graduates joining the industry in Malawi and beyond. The University of Malawi has an affiliation agreement with the Inter Congregational Institute (Balaka), St. Anthony Major Seminary, and St Peter’s Major Seminary (Zomba).

Our Vision

To be a center for quality holistic education in every field of knowledge for the good of the people of Malawi and beyond.

Our Mission

To contribute to the integral development of the nation through vocational training, academic courses and research activities that are tailored to most critical needs of the nation and the church. 

Core Values

  • ·        Respect for the Dignity of the Human Person

    ·        Moral Integrity and Accountability

    ·        Subsidiarity

    ·        Stewardship and Integrity of Creation

    ·        Justice and Peace

    ·        Common Good

    ·        Solidarity

    ·        Preferential Option for the Poor 


  • To proclaim and share the meaning of truth as enshrined in gaudium de veritate,the joy from the truth,” that culminates in the joy of searching for, discovering and communicating the truth.
  • To build an informed laity that is capable of confronting, challenging and transforming the moral culture of their societies.
  • To produce leaders/scholars who are distinguished not only by their academic and professional expertise, but also by high moral standards, wisdom and spiritual resources.
  • To build international networks with other universities and international agencies to assist the development of the Malawian society.