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Worthwhile undertakings are rarely accomplished single-handedly. As an African proverb says, one head does not carry a roof. We would like to invite you to partner with us in this noble enterprise of delivering quality and holistic education to the sons and daughters of Malawi and beyond. Your donation will go a long way especially in aiding students from needy families, who cannot afford paying tuition fees or buying books. Send your donation through the following University accounts:

Bank: National Bank Account Name: The Catholic University of Malawi
Branch: Customs Road
Account Number: 1928694
USD Account Swift code: NBMAMWMW

Bank: NBS Bank
Account Name: The Catholic University of Malawi,
Branch: Limbe
Account Number: 14421707

National Bank
Catholic University of Malawi, customs Road
Account Number:1928694

NBS Bank
Catholic University of Malawi
Account Number:14421707

USD Account
Swift code: NBMAMWMW

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