Kachebele Major Seminary applauds CUNIMA VC’s Visit

St. Anthony Major Seminary, popularly known as Kachebere, has applauded the Catholic University of Malawi’s (CUNIMA) Vice Chancellor, Associate Prof. Ngeyi Ruth Kanyongolo’s familiarisation visit that was scheduled for Tuesday this week, arguing it will help the institution to align its standards with the university.

Speaking after the Vice Chancellor’s visit, the Dean of Students at St. Anthony Major Seminary, Fr. Emmanuel Ichid, expressed optimism about improving the standards at the seminary.

“Being an affiliated institution to the Catholic University of Malawi, we need to align the seminary with standards that the university had set in delivering quality qualifications to the seminarians,” said Fr. Ichid.

“We have shared our vision with the university through her, and our seminarians were happy to interact with her; they had time to ask questions, and they were happy with the responses they got from her,” added Fr. Ichid.

During the meeting, the Dean of Students also shared with the Vice Chancellor challenges being faced at the seminary and a report from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

“We need a hand of help on improving our skills as lecturers and tutors here at the seminary because we did not specialise in education, and for us to be more effective, we need support on that,” added Further Fr. Ichid.

The Catholic University of Malawi has three affiliated institutions, namely St. Anthony Major Seminary, Kachebere, an inter-diocesan major seminary that sits at the foot of Kalulu Mountain in Mchinji district. 

The university also has another inter-diocesan major seminary, St. Peter’s Major Seminary, that is located in Zomba and offers a bachelor’s degree in theology.

CUNIMA also enjoys affiliation ties with the consortium of various religious congregations named the Inter-Congregation Institute (ICI) that is located at Sosola Village, in Balaka district. ICI offers a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

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