Catholic University trains citizens on ESIA.

The Catholic University of Malawi, through the Centre of Environment Affairs at the university, has trained citizens on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in Malawi.

Speaking after training, one of the participants, Richard Chikonga from Presscane Limited in Malawi, described the training as an eye-opener for them, saying they will apply the knowledge they have acquired.

“We have learned a lot, for example, about the steps we could follow in ESIA, and this has been insightful not only to me but to the other participants as well,” said Chikonga.

“For instance, we do have projects in our respective places across the country that require ESIA steps; how could we involve the public in the projects, etc.” He added.

Director of the Centre of Environmental Affairs, Issac Kandono Mwalwimba, said the training will help guide citizens in taking a leading role in various construction projects in the country.

“We noted that there is a gap between what is supposed to be done and the people that are involved in various projects; how the environment must be assessed and getting to know the impacts,” said Mwalwimba.

“As we carry out such projects, we need to protect the environment and the people, which is the whole idea of having ESIA,” he added.

The training has witnessed participants being trained in the concept of ESIA, placing it within the framework of sustainable development, public involvement, screening, scoping, environmental planning and design, environmental impact and alternative analysis, and water and air impact analysis, just to name a few.

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