Catholic University AVC Tips on Entrepreneurial Opportunity from Research

The Acting Vice-Chancellor (AVC) of the Catholic University of Malawi, Rev. Fr. Dr. Wilfred Sumani S.J., has tipped the academia to eye research for entrepreneurship opportunities.

Speaking during a research dissemination seminar held on Friday this week at the university’s main campus in Nguludi Chiradzulu district, Rev. Fr. Dr. Sumani said research gives entrepreneurs opportunities that may help them generate money.

Fr. Sumani explained that by analysing the problem statements of different research topics, researchers may identify ideas that may be potential business ideas.

“Research helps to solve real-life problems, and when you analyse quite well the place where the problem is happening, you will see that there are some business opportunities that may be explored.

He added that some journals pay quite well to academia for publishing their materials with them.

The one-day seminar has disseminated academic papers from different areas, namely, environment, law, and economics, just to name some.

Among the papers that have been disseminated are “Exploring the Drivers of the Poverty Gap in Malawi: A Multifaceted Analysis of Post-Democracy Economic Trends” by Dr. Donasius Panthera, “The Implications of Nullified 2019 Election Results on Malawi: A Critical Examination” by Alistalico Chilanga, “Climate Financing: A Call for Proactive Private Sector Involvement” by Fr. Samuel Satiele, S.M.M., and “Cartel Regulation in Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis of Competition Regimes in Malawi and South Africa” by Lozindaba Mbvundula.

The Catholic University of Malawi has been geared to put much effort into academic research that will help the communities, the country, and global recognition.

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