Company puts a smile on Catholic University

On Thursday this week, Smile Life Insurance Company donated a multi-million dollar tent to the Catholic University of Malawi to help the university increase the capacity of attendees at graduation ceremonies and other events.

Speaking during the donation ceremony, Deputy Chief Executive Office for Smile Life Beatrice Mangwana said the company values education as a key to the economic and social growth of Malawi, hence the gesture.

“We were here in July last year giving a donation of financial assistance towards the purchase of textbooks to enable the students to excel in their studies. Now, after excelling in their studies and completing their programmes, students need to graduate and celebrate their success proudly; hence, a graduation ceremony is another important and memorable occasion, worthy of support, said Mangwana.

Mangwana said the company enjoys the partnership with the university in ensuring improved education standards in the country.

She further commended the university for its strides in the delivery of quality education to the people of Malawi and beyond.

Acting Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Dr. Wilfred Sumani S.J., commended the company for the donation despite the economic headwinds experienced in the country.

“Looking at our economy, all is not rosy; companies are opting for retrenchments, and very few are able to make the desired profits, and when we see Smile Life coming forth, it’s not that they have a lot of money, but it shows their caring attitude towards us,” said Rev. Fr. Dr. Sumani.

He added that the 300-person capacity tent donated to the university will go a long way in meeting the growing numbers of graduands each year as well as other events.

In July last year, Smile Life Insurance made a donation of K5 million towards the purchase of new textbooks as the university was reviewing its curriculum. This year, the company has donated a tent worth K3.8 million to meet the growing numbers of people accessing its events.

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