Malawi Judges Proud of Catholic University, UNIMA, Over Moot Court Competition

Judges in Malawi have applauded the Catholic University of Malawi (CUNIMA) and the University of Malawi (UNIMA) for participating in the moot court competition, saying moot courts help in societal transformation.

In his speech after the final round of the Inter-University Moot Court competition between the Catholic University of Malawi and the University of Malawi that was organised by DNC Chamber last Friday, Justice Jabbar Alide said the two institutions were engaged in a legal battle on issues affecting the public, including corruption and human rights.

“Moot Courts are an integral part of legal education in this country. These moot courts give students a great opportunity to enhance their skills in researching contemporary legal problems and presenting and articulating legal problems both in writing and orally. We are proud of CUNIMA and UNIMA,” said Justice Alide.

Justice Alide said the judiciary in Malawi will continue to provide support to the moot court competition for a striving judiciary system in the country.

“Let me also say that, with the blessing of the honourable Chief Justice, we will be available as judges to take part in these moot courts,” added Justice Alide.

Judge Alide then applauded DNC Chambers for supporting the Inter-University Moot Court Competition financially for both institutions.

Speaking on behalf of his partners at DNC Chambers, Counsel Davis Njobvu, who is also Senior Partner and Head of Litigation Department, commended the students from both institutions for their sacrifice of time towards the moot court competition.

Counsel Njobvu said DNC Chambers will continue providing support for the Inter-University Moot Court competition in the country.

During the final round, UNIMA defeated the Catholic University of Malawi with slim scores and won the second-runner-up cash prize of USD 291.36. DNC Chambers has also offered a training internship to one student from CUNIMA who participated in the final round.

The Catholic University also returned to Nguludi Montfort Campus with an award for the best submission of memories won by the students.

CUNIMA is the only private university in Malawi that offers an accredited law programme, while UNIMA is the only public university that offers an accredited law programme.

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