Catholic University Environmental Students Clean Campus, Local Markets in Laudato si Campaign 

Geography and Environmental Science Students from the Catholic University of Malawi (CUNIMA) on Friday morning this week have cleaned their campus, and two local markets in a move to keep the environment clean.

Speaking during the cleaning exercise, the students encouraged their fellow students and vendors in the local markets to keep their environment clean by ensuring proper disposal of liters around the campus and the markets.

The students added further cleanliness in such places helps in preventing diseases such as Cholera that has now affected the country. 

The class Lecturer for the students, Dr. Maureen Kapute said the students need to practice what they enrolled for which is to care for the environment.

“We believe in protecting the environment so by cleaning our campus as well as the two local markets around for the community we have justified what we believe to the people around us,” said Kapute.

“The exercise might be seen to be small but, by acting in that way we have shared a loud voice with the people that is why we saw people in the markets now joining us to clean the markets” Added Kapute.

Kapute then urged Malawians in the country to join hands in ensuring that the environment is clean arguing human beings were entrusted with the responsibility of taking good care of the environment.

At their 20th Plenary Assembly held in Tanzania in 2022, the Catholic Bishops in the AMECEA (Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa) region urged Catholic Institutions to join hands in taking care of the environment. The meeting in Dar es salaam in 2022 focused on the NURTURING OUR COMMON HOME: Living Laudato Si’ Towards Enhancing Integral Human development in the AMECEA Region

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