Facelift excites CUNIMA Alumni

Former students of the Catholic University of Malawi have expressed excitement over the new construction developments being carried out at the Montfort, Main-campus in Nguludi Chiradzulu district.

Commenting on one of the social media platforms, Facebook on a post about the new developments being carried out, the alumni of the university commended the management for the developments being achieved.

“Commendable! I can’t even recognize where exactly these structures are located. So much change” Wrote Dezio Macheso.

While Albert Shara shares his thought that “Impressive Indeed, that is now a university. Keep on setting the pace and raising the bar to make others follow”

Elizabeth Mc Owen expressed doubt about whether they will be able to move around campus with new development being carried on.

Adding further, Nkhamanga Kapala wrote “Many people are doubtful if this is CUNIMA, they think it is Oxford University, keep it up”

Over the past four years, the Catholic University of Malawi has strived to uplift the face of the University through infrastructural developments that add beauty to face of the University.

The University constructed new hostel brocks for female students with a capacity of over 500 students. The year that followed the University, three lecture theaters, and modern car parks with interlocking blocks.

The University has also constructed a new tarmac road from the University Clinic to Cafeteria Hall and carried out maintenance works on the tarmac from the Clinic to Montfort Demonstration School.

Management of the University has also constructed a Students Centre at the campus with three classic summer huts and an Office for Students Union Leadership.

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