Selfless beyond Passion and Commitment

Have you ever thought of going to work even if you are sick? to many, a mere headache is a reason enough to miss duties that they were employed to do, and if you see one who goes to work despite being sick or being ill just to serve others, salute them, it’s selfless that is beyond passion and commitment.

To many of us, going to work means getting paid after two or one fortnight, and we careless of the duties that come to be services that we must offer for being in that position. An example could be being a Nurse; to others, a nurse going to a hospital means, that nurse will get paid a salary while for others, it means, that person has left his or her home to serve others who are sick in various medical facilities.

Well, have you ever asked a question what will happen if that nurse is sick and they have failed to go to work? It means that all sick will miss the noble service of providing health care, to make matters worse, we should expect some to be called into their graves.  

Nurses, just like other professionals, need to understand what it means to others if they are absent from their duties either for sound or unsound reasons. To be specific, my pen and notepad have been brought together because of such one life of a woman who committed to duties until she breathed her last.

Born on 28th December 1961, Lostina’s professional path career ended in being a Geologist. Years later, she quit the civil services as Principal Geologist and join the academia-The Catholic University of Malawi as a lecturer, a noble professional that receives much praise.

From the Year that she was born to the year that she was employed, Lostina got another name, after she exchanged matrimonial vows to one son from the Chapola’s family, Mrs. Lostina Chapola just to write the name in full.  Mrs. Lostina Chapola enjoyed the new path of lecturing. Her diligence in working as a lecturer at the Catholic University of Malawi witnessed her walking up the ladder of promotions to Director of Quality Assurance for the University.

As she was adding more years of her life on earth, Mrs. Chapola was diagnosed with cancer, the disease she bravely fought until the last seconds she returned to the house of the Father on 2nd April 2022. Reviewing her life from the time she was quite unwell; one would single out the selfless character she had toward her students. Though she was in pain, Mrs. Chapola continued lecturing with the support of computers and online platforms used to teach.

She never created that dull moment for her students. From time to time, continuous assessments were sent to them, marked on time, and returned to them.

How many could do that? Many might have passion for their careers, but believe me, that passion can die within us if such a situation hits our lives and it is justifiable if it happens. Mrs. Chapola’s character leaves a big mark on our lives and gives a big lesson to us.  Selfless beyond passion and commitment. We must always love our fellow brothers and sisters no matter how the situation is biting us. We shall always remember Lostina Chapola for this, May her Soul Rest in Peace.    

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