Catholic University Vice-Chancellor Challenges Lecturers on 1992 Bishops Call

The Vice-Chancellor of the Catholic University of Malawi, Rev. Fr. Dr. George Buleya has challenged lecturers of the University to abide by the 1992 Catholic Bishops call on quality education to the youth of the country.

Through the Pastoral letter titled “Living our Faith” that was issued 8th March 1992, the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Malawi called for democracy, the rule of law, participatory government, transparency, accountability, the fight against corruption and also called on authorities to look at the quality education to the youths in the country.

Commemorating the thirty years since the first historical pastoral was issued in 1992, the seven Catholic Bishops have reviewed the implementation of what their predecessors called for three decades ago in the country.

Commenting on the commemoration of the 30th Anniversary Pastoral Letter that was read in all Catholic Churches on 6th March 2022, Father Buleya challenged the academic staff of the University to continue the holistic approach to education that was demanded by the Catholic Bishops in 1992.

Speaking during the Inaugural meeting for staff members on 8th March 2022, the Vice-Chancellor, urged the academic staff to work towards maintaining the standards of quality education to the youths of the country.

“If you have time, please what our Catholic Bishops have written on education as they commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Living our Faith Pastoral Letter. The bishops have reminded us that their predecessors stressed that education should be holistic, should help the student acquire values such as respect for elders, promote creativity in the pupil, enable the student to appreciate his or her cultural heritage… and that is why this University strives for the holistic approach” said Father Buleya.

Father Buleya then urged the academic staff to be exemplary to students of the university as one way of helping to acquire values.

He further added that the University will continue providing the necessary material to ensure quality and standards of education are not compromised.

The commemorative pastoral letter that the Catholic Bishops have written, has noted with dismay a number of issues that the country’s leadership needs to address.

The bishops have noted that the country’s health sector is still rocked with challenges among them lack of medical practitioners, shortage of drugs in listing some.

Leaders of the Catholics in Malawi, have also faulted Weak and indecisive leadership, plunder of public resources, patronage, and impunity, siding with those who loot instead of siding with the poor to be among the new ills in our country.

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