CRS Eyes CUNIMA Students on Relief and Development Programmes

The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Malawi is looking forward to a partnership with the Catholic University of Malawi (CUNIMA) to help her students in practical learning through internships and research of relief and development programmes implemented by the organization in the country.

Speaking during an interface meeting with the Catholic University of Malawi management on Wednesday this week, CRS Country Representative Julie Idel said the partnership will help students of the University to acquire practical skills through internship arrangements on CRS programmes implemented in Malawi.

“We have a close relationship already with the University but we want to strengthen more engagement with the students on areas of research and internships by bringing students into the monitoring and evaluation of some of our programmes that we are implementing in the country,” said Idel.

CRS Country Representative further advised the Catholic University of Malawi to be disseminating research findings on national matters as a way of maintaining its relevance in the country.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Catholic University of Malawi Fr. Dr. George Buleya then said the University has students from faculties that can ably help CRS in serving the country through its programmes.

“Students from our faculties can help CRS with various expertise. For example, we have students studying Special Needs Education who can help in implementing programmes that are to help people living with disabilities,” said Fr. Buleya.

Concurring with the Vice-Chancellor, the Director of Academic Affairs Fr. Dr. Wilfred Sumani said the University has three centres that provide technical guidance on areas they specialize.

“We have the Centre for Environmental Affairs, Management Resource Centre and Centre for Socio-Theological Studies; and we are in the process of revamping a Centre of Legal matters that had slowed due to accreditation issues. All these can help in the implementation of some of the CRS projects” said Fr. Dr. Sumani.

Over the years, the Catholic University of Malawi has been enjoying support from CRS in delivering quality education to Malawian citizens and beyond.

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  1. indeed, as a student am very proud of this development. it will heighten the interest of many of us to develop our country as we shall be discovering some of the issues that are not paid attention for but are hindering development. students have abilities, but few are exposed. Thanks to CRS, thanks to CUNIMA, thanks to our VC .

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